William Westley Church of England Primary School Let your light shine

'Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven' Matthew 5:16

Mental & Emotional Health

Mental & Emotional Health

It is our vision for each of us to thrive and flourish as a unique child of God; this means in mind, body and spirit. It is only with our hearts and minds that we can 'let our lights shine' and live life in all its fullness. 

Andrew Westcott has undertaken the Senior Lead Mental Health training and is available to give support to parents, staff and children. In addition to this, Tara Lochead & Tracey Stefano are our dedicated ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) to give emotional support to children who find accessing the curriculum a difficult because of their worries. Bryony Bass is our Mental Health First Aider and is able to give immediate support to any child who worried.    

We offer different levels of support:
Universal Support - To meet the needs of all our pupils through our overall ethos and our wider curriculum. For instance, developing resilience for all.

Additional support - For those who may have short-term needs and those who may have been made vulnerable by life experiences such as bereavement.  

Targeted support - For pupils who need more differentiated support and resources or specific targeted interventions such as wellbeing groups or personal mentors.

Lead staff members to contact if you are concerned about your child’s mental health: Mr Hazlehurst (Inclusion Leader), Mr Westcott (Headteacher), Mrs Lochead and Mrs Stefano (ELSA - Emotional Literacy support assistant) and Mrs Bass (Mental Health First Aider).

What do we currently do for mental health and wellbeing for our pupils and staff?

  • We have a designated Mental Health and Well Being Lead in school that is responsible for promoting wellbeing for our staff and pupils (Mr Westcott).
  • We have a designated trained ELSAs(Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)s , Mrs Lochead & Mrs Stafano, who delivers nurture groups for pupils, such as small group ‘time to talk’ social skills work, resilience skills, 'it’s good to be me' groups and 1:1 check in with pupils in liaison with our Inclusion Leader, Mr Hazlehurst.
  • In each class we have worry boxes for pupils to share their worries with a safe adult.
  • We have nominated school council members in each class to represent their peers and gain feedback in class assemblies.
  • We have home/school communication books for pupil’s who require more regular updates.
  • We have move up days, extra transition sessions and meet the teacher sessions for when a pupil is finding a class move difficult.
  • We have an allocated buddy for all new pupils.
  • We have mental health and wellbeing trained staff in order to support pupils with their needs.
  • We have positive behaviour systems in place to promote positive social behaviour.
  • We have mental health and wellbeing assemblies to promote resilience and self-management.
  • We have a PSHE curriculum that helps pupils to build important life skills, such as learning to learn, habits of mind and the growth mindset.
  • Our ethos is to promote supporting the development of skills and character traits such as perseverance, compassion and teamwork.
  • We have a Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy for our school which is regularly updated.
  • We have a Staff Well-being Charter.
  • We include World Mental Health Day and Mental Health Awareness Week in the school calendar and plan activities for the whole school.


Positive Experiences
William Westley CE Primary School offers pupils many opportunities to do physical activities as well as opportunities to relax which both are ways to promote wellbeing and positive mental health.

  • Library open each lunch to borrow books to read
  • Active Learning
  • Themed Days 
  • Residential visits
  • Educational day visits 
  • Before and after school clubs
  • Extra-curricular clubs 


Celebrating Success
We like to celebrate our many successes together by:

  • Celebration Assembly
  • Displaying pupil’s work
  • Class Assemblies 
  • School newsletters