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Maths Policies

At William Westley, we follow the White Rose Curriculum. These policies outline the methods we use for calculation.

Maths National Curriculum


Our aim is for all pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems over time.  We strive to nuture a productive attitude towards maths, and one that challenges all learners. We endeavour to build a 'growth mindset' that allows children to discover that maths is fun, and nothing to be feared.  William Westley aims to develop fluency and long-lasting skills through a rich and interactive curriculum and pedagogical approach.  We aim to ensure progress from EYFS to Year 6 through rich teaching, challenging lessons and intelligent questioning.  At William Westley, we strive to support and stretch all learners, using a consistent and language rich approach to maths.   We want to bring maths to life, for teachers and children, through engaging and well-planned lessons.


White Rose Curriculum Steps


How do we know if we have achieved our aims?

  • Maths books show the progress story for each child.
  •  Children use language appropriate for that discussion: technical vocabulary.
  • Terminology such as 'prove it'. 'agree/disagree'.'likely/unlikely', what mistake has been made?' can be heard in all classes.
  • Children can articulate an idea, rather than just provide an answer..... 'I know because...'
  • Lessons, resources and discussion are rich in question, rich in representation and rich in talk.
  • Maths is not just for mathematicians:  children show a belief in their potential to learn maths.