Y2 Learning

Spring Term 
Click on the link on the left to see photos of some of the experiments we have done during Science Week.

Our Spring curriculum is attached to the right of this welcome. Below are listed the outlines for English, Mathematics and Science.


English: The children will be completing units of work on extended story writing, looking at significant authors for inspiration, and at poetry and rhymes. We begin by looking at traditional tales. The children will be using an alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood. Please help your child to write, write, and write! Encourage them to use adjectives, good story starters and endings. Capital letters and full stops must be used at all times. Your child has two writing targets. Do ask them what they are.


Group guided reading will take place weekly with an adult and your child will be heard to read individually once a week. Thank you for hearing your child read on a regular basis at home. Please write in their Home School book as we greatly value your comments. When the children have read to you four times in one week they earn a well-deserved merit.


Mathematics: We will be continuing to develop the children’s understanding of numbers, sequencing and partitioning of larger numbers. We will encourage the children to present solutions to problems in an organised
way and to explain decisions, methods and results. They will use the symbols × ÷ to record and interpret number sentences and to solve problems in contexts of numbers and money. Other units of work this term include properties of 2 D and 3 D shapes, tally charts, fractions (1/2 and 1/4) and time. Please practice telling the time with your children, using o’clock, half past.

To see what our focus is each week, refer to the White Rose link in our list of online resources to support learning.


Science: We begin with ‘Living things’ and we will explore and compare the differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never
been alive! We follow this with 'Health and Growth.' We examine how to stay healthy and look after ourselves. We consider what a healthy diet is and how to look after our teeth. As it is the time of wobbly teeth, we also look at the structure of our teeth. 


Mrs Kerins and Mrs Rayner

Summer Term Curriculum
Resources to help with learning are in our online resource link. You will find a link to White Rose for Maths and to Oak Academy for other Year 2 curriculum subjects.
Other resources for Year 2
 can be found on our Online Resources to Support Learning page.