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Year 6 2020

April 2020

Happy Easter to you all and I hope you are all keeping well, which quite simply is the most important issue in these times. Please take care of yourselves and your family. I am sure you are missing me especially as I had so many April fools to use on you all but these can always wait. Being positive, just think of all the Easter eggs you purchased me you can now eat for yourselves.

From the new term I will start to upload some extremely serious and supportive videos for you all including music and PE advice!! There will also be weekly links for you to look at when and only if you have the opportunity.....oh there was something else....uummmm....what is it....oh yes I remember School work.

Weekly lessons will soon follow.

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts... Albert Einstein…

Many thanks & keep smiling

Mr Cherry

Easter Holidays 2020
Maths Focus
Decimal, Fraction and Percentages (adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplication and converting)
4 quadrant co-ordinates, area and perimeter
English Focus
Formal/In-formal style of writing (letter)
Slam Poetry 
Flash back story
Flashback Story Resources
Social science & Electricity
Year 6 Assessments (SATS)