Y1 Gallery

Super Shepreth!

This term we have really enjoyed our science topic- Ourselves and other Animals'. We had a super day walking around Shepreth Wildlife Park looking and learning about all the animals there. We explored the different types of animals and how they are grouped . We are also studying what different animals eat so we can group them into herbivores, omnivores or carnivores! 



The Raptor Foundation

Class 1 really enjoyed learning all about owls with Elliot from the Raptor Foundation.  He brought three raptors with him, Minnie the Barn Owl, Woody the Wood Owl and Angel the Harris Hawk.  We sketched them and asked Elliot questions.  We then had a whole school assembly and Elliot flew Minnie and Angel over our heads.  We had to close our eyes to see how silently Minnie could fly.  

INSPIRE 2020 - Our project with the Fitzwilliam
Some of children from each year group visited the Fitzwilliam to look at the picture 'Cupid and Pysche'.  Rory in our class spotted a hawk on one of the suitor's arms and so we decided to do our class art project on raptors.  Following the Raptor Foundation visit we experimented with sketching and paint and then produced some paintings of owls and hawks on wood just like the picture in the musuem.  We then found out that our paintings had been selected to be part of an exhibition in the Fitzwilliam itself!