Whittlesford Out of School Club 'Outstanding' Ofsted Report

7th January 2016
  • The leadership and management of the club is exemplary at all levels.
  • Staff are well practised in Playwork and have a complementary mix of qualifications and experience.
  • The management committee enthusiastically supports ongoing training.
  • Arrangements for handing over management of the club to new committee members are clear and consistent.
  • Managers and staff are forward thinking and continuously reflect on how the excellent practice at the club can be enhanced.
  • Safeguarding is effective. All staff attend child protection training and have an exceptional understanding of the procedures in place to protect children. Secure arrangements with the school help to ensure that any vulnerable children receive the support they need.
  • Children freely access a well-stocked resource cupboard and make independent choices about their play.
  • They cooperate extremely well to decide on future activities through discussion and the use of written play plans.
  • The outdoor area is continuously available. Staff continue to seek children's ideas to enhance the outdoor provision still further.
  • Indoors, a peaceful area enables children to snuggle down into cushions and duvets. They share books and enjoy relaxed conversations with their friends.
  • Staff have a genuine interest in children. They listen to them, help them to clarify their thinking and extend their ideas.
  • Staff have very high expectations of the children and give them lots of responsibility.
  • Children have an excellent understanding of their boundaries and understand where they can play safely.
  • Parents are fully involved in all aspects of their children's time in the club. They access and share information about their children online and have an informative noticeboard that is updated daily.
  • Parents are delighted with the club.