School Meals

We serve a school dinner every day and it costs £2.30, that is £11.50 per week per child. 

 It helps the caterers and the office staff if a set pattern is ordered for each half term - but we realise this is not always possible. You can order for the term, the half-term, the week or day by day if necessary.

 School dinners are paid for using the My Child At School app (MCAS) using the link below:

 Click on the link below to find a quick guide on how to access the app.


Children can bring a packed lunch to school if they wish. We have a Whole School Food Policy and ask parents and carers not to put sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks in the lunch box. No glass bottles or containers please.

We also operate a No Nut Policy.

Water is provided for children at lunchtime in the dining hall.